KISA Open Forum + Presidential Speeches and Debate

May 31, 17:00 - May 31, 19:00
W2-1, Multipurpose Hall
117 places left
Pizza & drinks

Let your voice be heard!

The KISA Open Forum is your opportunity to get up close and personal with KISA. Hear from us how we've been addressing your issues, and let us know in person about the problems facing the international community.

Also get the chance to decide the fate of KISA in the semesters to come as you witness the KISA Presidential Debates and Speeches! Get to know our presidential candidates as they discuss their stances on relevant issues, and share what their plans are for the future of the international community.

IMPORTANT: For any of your requests to be considered, please feel free to submit it anonymously to the KISA Voice online form (After you register, click Welfare (in the header of this page)-> KISA Voice.

(Register until: May 29, 23:59)

KISA Departments Day

May 17, 15:00 - May 17, 17:00
E11 #301, #302
32 places left

For undergraduate freshmen to discover departments at KAIST. Presentations are in English.

(Register until: May 16, 23:59)