14 Apr 2016   kisa

Author: Mr. Wajahat Tahir

Success is half achieved when one starts believing that it is possible to achieve it. When one keeps on reminding himself that he can do something, even if he lacks the skills initially, he will surely acquire them one day to achieve his aims. One the other hand, if one keeps thinking that something is not achievable by him, he will never ever achieve it even if he has the skills and talent to do it. So, optimism-also positive thinking-is a conscious selective focus on the good. Since every delight and satisfaction in the world exists alongside pain and loss, optimism is a tool that lets a person maintain confidence of a person that everything will get fine with time, a hope that lets him hold on and a perseverance that keeps him trying despite the adversity of circumstances unless everything turns out the way aimed by him.

Optimism, in other words, is an attitude that keeps us concentrated on what is good about an adverse situation in present or even in future. It evaporates our fears and worries, letting us utilize our full potential in achieving what a pessimist can never ever comprehend of. Not that optimism get rids of our problems or grants us success by itself, it makes our efforts feel worthwhile. It lets us put in all the possible efforts, of which, some would obviously fail, but the rest would certainly result in the reward that is deserved by us. Optimism has its huge effects on us. The greatest blessing of life is health to anyone. Optimism maintains it through continuously feeding it with happiness. By focusing on the brighter side of things, an unusual happiness and satisfaction surrounds us and that help us stay healthy even in the worst of times. It lets us focus on our own self, without diverting our mind away from the imaginary mishaps and losses. Optimism prevents us from giving up, feeding us with the satisfaction about the best outcomes from investing our efforts in things which might be seemingly risky. It helps us believe in our self, in our ideas and in our plans. It invigorates us with energy for the present as well as our future. Positive thinking also keeps stress at a par, letting us stay efficient at all times. In fact, it equips us with stress management expertise that are crucial to achieve extraordinarily in life. With absence of stress, any hurdle in life can be overcome through continuous effort.

To consider a glass half-full rather than half-empty is optimism. Both are correct and hence, optimism is not an unrealistic approach towards life. It can be achieved anywhere and anyhow, though definitely a bit difficult at times, but it changes one’s life. It turns a depressed life miraculously and a static life amazingly. One’s optimism affects his surroundings too, and not only the kith and kin indirectly get positively affected, but also approached by the optimistic deliberately. Optimism enters life with a bit of effort. No hurdle or difficulty can overshadow everything; there is always a source of hope and a solution to everything. Optimism lets us reach there in the best possible way. So, focus on searching for solution rather than problem. That’s optimistic. Since optimism is contagious, surround yourself with optimistic people around you. Everything has its own effect and so do people, talks, discussions, advices, and ideas have their own effects. So, choose wisely.

Lastly, to achieve optimism, it important to realize that the worry and fear almost every time roots from focusing on past or future. Reject the acridity of past, ignore the imaginary mishaps of future, and stay in the present. That’s where you can change anything, do whatever you want and impact your feelings.

Disclaimer: This article was submitted by Mr. Wajahat Tahir for Write for KISA programme. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of KAIST International Students Association (KISA).  For more details visit the Write for KISA page.

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