The Start of Another Spring

1 Mar 2015   kisa

Author: Mr. Youssef Medhat

“Can you hear it? The first bird of spring. The first step after winter is always the hardest. The light blinding. The air cold as ice, catches your breath. But after the first step comes the second and the third. We learn to walk again, to move, to breathe, to see, to live… Time to cast away such crowns of ice, and take a new one. A garland of living green.”

The above quote from the play, The Wild Bride, signifies the natural transition to spring from winter that living creatures undergo. Here in KAIST, there is another similar kind of transition; that from the winter break to the new semester.  As the quote suggests, the transition could be difficult. However with the right attitude one could can be ready to brace head into the new semester.

For some, the first week of the semester is simply an extension of the holidays. However this semester there is another reason why this week is arguably the make-it-or-break-it week of the semester. For the first time, the course add/drop period has shifted one week back into the winter break. Which means that the first week of the semester is the second and last week of the add/drop period. This means that there is an added importance on the first week of the semester, since it is now the only week in which one could attend lectures and judge whether the course is right for them and act accordingly. If you do not want to have to deal with courses you will later regret, you better focus during this week. You can still drop courses though, during the final week of March, but you cannot add any more courses beyond the first week of the month.

It has been my observation that things done in the first week often turn to habits for the rest of the semester. Therefore one has to begin structuring their daily routine for the semester early on. This would give shape and order to the semester, and help with the hectic routine that so many of us here in KAIST undertake.

Like spring, the new semester offers a fresh start. It could be a time of renewed resolve and hard work, but it could also be a time of stress, frustration and mismanagement. With right attitude from the first week, you can be sure to set off the right foot.

Disclaimer: This article was submitted by Mr. Youssef Medhat for Write for KISA programme. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of KAIST International Students Association (KISA).  For more details visit the Write for KISA page.

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