Problems Faced by Freshmen

14 Apr 2016   kisa

Author: Mr. Dipanjan Ray

I am Dipanjan Ray. I am a freshman undergraduate student at KAIST.I joined KAIST in Fall 2015.I would want to share the problems that I faced when I joined KAIST.As I was travelling to South Korea for the first time so I wasn’t sure about how to get to KAIST from the Incheon Airport. Although ISSS had given me all the details of how to get to KAIST I wasn’t really confident because of language problems and moreover my flight landed pretty late. Here I would like to suggest that ISSS can ask country representatives or some students to escort the new students coming into KAIST.I guess KISA members can also take a step in implementing this.

KAIST is one of the highly ranked international universities so the language of instruction in all the university labs should be strictly English. I faced a lot of problems in understanding the lab classes as the majority of the concepts taught by the TAs in labs are in Korean language. This is where I think ISSS can bring in some international TAs for the lab classes. Some of the recitation classes TAs did have problems in communicating with the internationals because of the language barrier. We are the people who ultimately lose out because of this. I really hope that new students coming in won’t have to deal with such problems.

I am also a part of Bizworld-entrepreneurship club at KAIST.I went to Australia for a 7 day conference at University of Queensland, Australia. I was there as a delegate of KAIST.I had a lot of problems in getting the visa for Australia. I had received some assistance from my Bizworld colleagues regarding the visa process but it would have extremely great if ISSS had helped me out a bit more with the process. Fortunately for me I didn’t have to go to the embassy office in Seoul otherwise travelling alone in South Korea for a new person is a big challenge.

I have been to a lot of other international universities as well and most of them have the option of Indian cuisine in their cafeterias. I think there is a big Indian community at KAIST and even Pakistan and Bangladesh students won’t mind having Indian cuisine. They just have to keep the Halal thing in mind. This is why I think we can have one Indian cafeteria in KAIST as well.

These are the problems that I have faced in KAIST till now and would want to see them implemented for the betterment of everyone.

Disclaimer: This article was submitted by Mr. Dipanjan Ray for Write for KISA programme. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of KAIST International Students Association (KISA).  For more details visit the Write for KISA page.

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