My life in Korea!

14 Apr 2016   kisa

Author: Mr. Muhammad Hassan

I am an international student living in Korea for over 5 months now let me say that I have enjoyed every micro-second of being in Korea. It has been a memorable experience, not only in terms of getting to see many new places but also to meet different people all around the world and experience life so what we called “out of the comfort zone” as well.

To be honest, before coming here, I had my own preconceived notion about the country. I had my fears thinking how would be the place like and the people. I even checked the places on the Google map but I could not relate. But after I got here, it was quite an amaze for my eyes. Such a clean city, humble and warm people, cities full of colors and lights. Well-managed transportation — subway, buses and taxi and use of NO horns. What bothered during my first one month was the smell of the food (mostly all food) and of course, the language barrier.

I came to Korea on 25th of August. Going through the airport clearance at the magnificent Incheon airport was an experience in itself. I was so much excited to go to my city and see my university where I will spend the next 2 years of my life. But above all, I was much more excited to see Seoul. To be honest, I did not have much knowledge about Korea, but one of my friend was a diehard fan of K-Pop. I was introduced to Korea by him. I was taken aback by the tall buildings in Korea and their architecture while travelling from Incheon to my city Daejeon. I thought that it will going to be a lot of fun and good experiences. It turned out to be very much true as I look back in my life.

Life and studies in KAIST are like a roller coaster ride. Assignments, labs and above all surviving here in general has been a true turmoil for me. But along with this, I have managed to see a lot of Korea. I wish that may be KAIST should have been in Seoul. Seoul is by far the only city in Korea that I like the most. There is a hidden energy in that city which you can feel at every moment of your stay there. The city’s architecture, life, food and transportation, everything seems to be perfect and orderly in Seoul.

So far I have enjoyed every bit of my time in Korea. I look forward to more experiences as I plan to travel to other big cities like Busan and especially the Jeju Island. I am glad to say that I feel very confident now that I choose Korea and especially KAIST for my graduate studies. It has fulfilled every bit of my expectation and look forward to many other surprises and experiences during my stay here.

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