New KISA website and its constant evolution

26 Nov 2018   kisa

Hello there!

We are excited to introduce the new KISA website to the KAIST community! However, we are still under construction and this is the beta version with a lot of place for improvement. That is why KISA website will be frequently updated with small and big changes that will hopefully make our lives better.

We are currently working on the following before opening the website officially:

  • Access to our services via KAIST SSO
    • You won’t have to go through tedious signup process to use our services!
  • Easy registration for paticipating in KISA events, media from past events
  • Development and Enrichment of Agora
  • Voting system for International policy making, international student welfare, presidential elections and many more

So, stay tuned!

– KISA Web Development Team

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