General tips & Message from Seniors (2014)

I think people who opt to come to Korea to study should have the right expectations. They should know that people in Korea generally do not converse well in English. Therefore I think it is quite reasonable for them to be prepared to learn Korean before deciding to come here. The steep learning curve for…
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Halal Food in Daejeon (For Students of the Islamic Faith)

Author: Hilola Hakimova One of the biggest problems for Muslim students in Korea, I think, is finding halal food. There are very few places in Daejeon where you can have halal food and most of them being off campus. In this article I will introduce you to some places where you can find halal food. Close…
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Reserving Facilities in the Sports Complex

Sport complex is labeled as N3 as we take a look on the campus map HERE. It is on the north side, near the auditorium and futsal field. There are several facilities that can be used in the sport complex, such as badminton court, basketball court, volleyball court, stage, dance room, fitness center, running track,…
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Library 101

Your guide to borrowing books from the Main Library [tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”3″]

The Fish Out of Water (For Freshers…May be Not)

Author: Edrick Kwek Imagine something out of its natural habitat; a fish out of water. Being in an entirely foreign land as is Korea to internationals form something that indeed is a close match to the analogy (although the existence of a slight difference distinguishes the two). Adaptability, an indispensable human trait is what makes…
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KISA is launching its new website soon

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