KAIST Chronicles: PART 1

Author: Mr. Fahim Masum Story of a Saudi Arabian-born Bangladeshi who lives in Korea and is surrounded by more Internationals (a very, very diverse background) My name is Fahim Masum. As a South Asian guy who grew up in the Middle East and had a diverse pool of friends, one would think coming to Korea would…
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Problems Faced by Freshmen

Author: Mr. Dipanjan Ray I am Dipanjan Ray. I am a freshman undergraduate student at KAIST.I joined KAIST in Fall 2015.I would want to share the problems that I faced when I joined KAIST.As I was travelling to South Korea for the first time so I wasn’t sure about how to get to KAIST from the…
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Author: Mr. Osama Karkout Personally, I don’t like pop at all. I especially hate K-Pop. I’ve never enjoyed its repetitive, simple and unoriginal melody, nor watching its video clips. I don’t understand why people love K-Pop singers and I don’t even like talking about it! In Korea, music companies run the business of K-Pop way more…
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KAIST, A Place Booming with Opportunities

Author: Mr. Wajahat Tahir Rarely would have one never come across anyone on campus so far who has not underestimated KAIST for myriad of reasons: from lack of non-academic opportunities to unnecessarily pressurized academics, many reasons have been expressed as disappointments. But as a famous proverb emphasizes, the view depends on the glasses you wear,…
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Spring 2016 Orientation for New Recruits

Orientation ceremony was held in W2 building to welcome six new recruits into KISA cabinet.

Solving KAIST’s International Food Crisis

Author: Mr. Wisal Abdullah Amongst other cultural disparities that international students get to experience during their stay at KAIST, Korean food is the one that outshines them all. Ranging from the sizzling Samgeopsal, staple appetizer Kimchi , the Soft Tofu Stew, Tteokbokki  to the instant noodles Ramyeon, Korean food, as diverse as it is, is still…
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KAIST International Sports Festival – 2015

The 2015 KAIST International Sports Festival is here!! Check it out here!!

Fall 2015 recruits

KISA has welcomed eight new recruits for the Fall 2015 cabinet recruitment. The recruits were welcomed by the president, vice president and the directors in a ceremony in KI building.

KISA Cabinet recruitment Spring 2015

KISA cabinet recruitment for the Spring semester is finally here! KAIST International Student Association strives hard to make life easier and more interesting for international students on campus. Do you have some concerns and feel that you can contribute to the international community? Do you have interests in the behind the scenes to organize awesome…
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The Start of Another Spring

Author: Mr. Youssef Medhat “Can you hear it? The first bird of spring. The first step after winter is always the hardest. The light blinding. The air cold as ice, catches your breath. But after the first step comes the second and the third. We learn to walk again, to move, to breathe, to see, to…
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