About Us

Who are we?

KAIST International Students Association (KISA) (국제 학생 총학생회) was established in April 2004. Its purpose is to culturally enrich and nurture the foreign student community in KAIST whilst bridging them with the school administration. The association serves as the sole international student union that supports its members in administration, accommodation, and finance. Being the voice that represents all international students at KAIST, KISA also organizes many activities such as the orientation, sports, travel, and food festivals. Growing along with KAIST’s globalization, KISA now consists of more than 900 international students, eagerly looking forward to reinforcing the mutual relationship with the Korean local community. KISA aims to provide useful information via this site to students.

• “E Pluribus Unum” (Out of Many, One)
• To assists its members in academic, social, cultural activities in campus to provide best environment for personal development
• To fully integrate its members into KAIST life to maximize their valuable experience during their study at TheKAIST

The KISA Team- 2018 Fall

Shubhranil Sengupta
Shubhranil Sengupta President
Thannaree Chottitisupawong
Thannaree Chottitisupawong Finance Division Leader
Monica Sanjinez
Monica Sanjinez Promotions and Public Relations Team
Angelica Joseph
Angelica Joseph Events Division Leader
Sultan Majid Rizky
Sultan Majid Rizky Events Division Leader
Hyuk Kwon
Hyuk Kwon Korean Ambassador
Marthens Hakizamata
Marthens Hakizamata Secretary
Umar Taulfiqulhakim
Umar Taulfiqulhakim Project Financial Planning and Proposals
Saikat Das
Saikat Das Funds Planning and Allocation
Naura Qotrunnada
Naura Qotrunnada SNS Manager
Mikhail Toriyo
Mikhail Toriyo Public Relations
Nabila Sindi
Nabila Sindi Graphics Designer
Myrat Meredov
Myrat Meredov Blogger
Namya Agarwal
Namya Agarwal Events Reporter
Silap Aliyev
Silap Aliyev Web Developer
Batzorig Zorigoo
Batzorig Zorigoo Web Developer
Azamat Smagulov
Azamat Smagulov Web Developer
Calvin Andreas Hutomo
Calvin Andreas Hutomo Media and Logistics
Din Mukhammed
Din Mukhammed Events Planning and Public Speaking
Ryan Ramelo
Ryan Ramelo Photographer and Editor
Professor James Morrison
Professor James Morrison KISA Advisor

Previous KISA Presidents

Shubhranil Sengupta
Shubhranil Sengupta 2018
Sanzhar Kerimbek
Sanzhar Kerimbek 2017- (Impeached)
Wajahat Tahir
Wajahat Tahir 2016
Edrick Kwek
Edrick Kwek 2015
Amalina 2014
Rana 2013
Su Yi Wong
Su Yi Wong 2012