President’s Message





President’s Message

Hello! Halo! 안녕하세요! 你好! 今日は! Chào anh! Сәлем! สวัสดี! नमस्ते! سلام عليكم!

KISA is about both students and KAIST.

Founded in 2004, KAIST International Students Association has now grown up into an established student council of KAIST, taking significant leaps forward and expanding the university’s impact globally at an unprecedented rate.

KISA, initially, came into being to globalize KAIST by integrating its diverse student body into a distinct embodiment of various nationalities and cultures, but with time, both its scope and purpose have expanded and diversified. From targeting a small international community, its initiatives have now broadened to involve the entire KAIST community. From its focus on event organization, it is now playing a leading role in bridging the gap between KAIST authorities and its students. It has transitioned into a student council that has a focus on policy improvements and involvement in school affairs. It is the voice of students, reaching out to them on campus and mobilizing them to achieve common goals for their everlasting betterment and KAIST’s prosperity as a renowned, globalized institute.

KISA is among the most vibrant and active organizations in KAIST with multiple projects and initiatives solely planned for not only the students but also for the institute, both directly and indirectly. It has never failed in leaving any stone untouched to enhance the college experience at KAIST. By bringing in opportunities for students to interact more openly, present their cultures more passionately, and grow more holistically, KISA has flooded the campus with unprecedented zeal and charm through ventures that include, but are not limited to, international food and sports festivals, cultural exchange initiatives, student mentoring programs and occasional parties. Beyond that, it has offered opportunities to students on its cabinet to escape their comfort zones, take the charge, and think out of the box as executives.

I, as the president of KISA, plan to make this year different by focusing more on holistic integration of students on campus, bonding not only locals and internationals but also diverse communities with each other, in order to fully utilize the diversity on campus. This year’s cabinet aims to connect the students more intimately with the authorities and let themselves be heard to ensure an academically and personally nurturing ambience on campus. KISA would also be aiming to connect the current students with alumni in order to play its crucial role in aiding the transition from student life to professional careers. We look at this year to be a creative phase in bringing many opportunities for students, not only out of KISA but also inside on cabinet, for continued growth and development of their future. KISA aims to give students the practical experience to manage, take responsibility, work in teams, and lead in real.

In the end, I would reiterate the fact that to excel in the globally-changing fast-paced modern world, students have to be more creative, socially competent, versatile and at ease with different cultures. KISA is where you grow personally and prepare to become the leaders of tomorrow. It’s a place where you can share exciting times, and seize opportunities to make a difference while you are here. From undergraduates to graduates, Internationals to Koreans, and students to faculty, every KISA executive on the cabinet has the same goals for the entire KAIST community and I am confident that the 2016 Cabinet would work effectively in turning this dream into a reality.

We are committed to move forward with passion, and yet with purpose, to write the most glorious chapter ever for KAIST.

Wajahat Tahir
President – KAIST International Student Association