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Author: Mr. Wajahat Tahir

Success is half achieved when one starts believing that it is possible to achieve it. When one keeps on reminding himself that he can do something, even if he lacks the skills initially, he will surely acquire them one day to achieve his aims. One the other hand, if one keeps thinking that something is not achievable by him, he will never ever achieve it even if he has the skills and talent to do it. So, optimism-also positive thinking-is a conscious selective focus on the good. Since every delight and satisfaction in the world exists alongside pain and loss, optimism is a tool that lets a person maintain confidence of a person that everything will get fine with time, a hope that lets him hold on and a perseverance that keeps him trying despite the adversity of circumstances unless everything turns out the way aimed by him.


KAIST, A Place Booming with Opportunities

Author: Mr. Wajahat Tahir

Rarely would have one never come across anyone on campus so far who has not underestimated KAIST for myriad of reasons: from lack of non-academic opportunities to unnecessarily pressurized academics, many reasons have been expressed as disappointments. But as a famous proverb emphasizes, the view depends on the glasses you wear, these are our perspectives that define quality of our life. For some, it is a place to only survive through, while for the others, it is an ocean of opportunities to be explored and utilized. The former lot, presumably, fails to figure out the causes behind the latter’s perspective, ending up striving in oblivion. To justify both the perspectives, the analysis boils ends up on comparison, which crushes our expectations.