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The Fish Out of Water (For Freshers…May be Not)

Author: Edrick Kwek

Imagine something out of its natural habitat; a fish out of water. Being in an entirely foreign land as is Korea to internationals form something that indeed is a close match to the analogy (although the existence of a slight difference distinguishes the two). Adaptability, an indispensable human trait is what makes us (current international students) survive if not notoriously too well, satisfactorily. The process of adaption however does not happen in a few hours nor does it happen in the span of several days. It takes weeks or even months of terrible homesickness and presumably, of skype. Time and most importantly, peers will eventually allow the advent of a well-adapted Korean life.

Instead of fitting in all the ‘to dos’ and ‘what nots’ in this small piece of writing; a technically impossible task, it is feasibly better for a set of condensed rules for adaptability from the (semi)-experienced.

Rule 1: Don’t be shy!! – An Australian proverb goes in saying: “Once bitten, twice shy”. But we haven’t bitten you (yet)!! Feeling lonely?? Got any questions or problems?? Just ask and we will be there for you. In fact, we are there for you!!

Rule 2: Be a socialite (say what??) – Now this might sound a little out of place but yes, be socially active!! Approach all sorts of people (including Koreans) because remember, this is going to be home for the following years and you certainly do not want it to crawl with strangers now do you?? Although seemingly fancy a word, the essence of being a socialite is again rule 1!! Trust us, no one is going to bite!