KISA cabinet is a group of voluntary students dedicated to work for the betterment of international community of KAIST.


KISA Agora is an online forum, similar to ARA, for international students.

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Write for KISA is a project initiated to give voice to international students to share their experience and concerns.

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Korean National Cuisine

Author: Mr. Sanzhar Kerimbek The main feature of Korean cuisine is that it is extremely spicy. Almost any Korean meal will be or just a spicy or very spicy, but you are going to get used to it and eventually cannot imagine your meal without these spicy side dishes. The most interesting thing is that red

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Use of Korean Bus Services

Author: Mr. Sanzhar Kerimbek Those who come to Korea for a short period of time, may want to see all interesting spots of Korean capital once and quickly. The easiest way to do this using the bus tour – Seoul city bus tour. These tourist buses ply in many tourist cities around the world, and Seoul

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Touristic Sites in Korea

Author: Mr. Osama Karkout KAIST life can be stressing, not much time to enjoy the amazing place you’re in, South Korea! If you get some time during the vacations and want to go somewhere awesome, here I summarize some places for you. You are in Daejeon which is a touristic city itself, plus it’s close to

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Learning How to Learn: Powerful Mental Tools to Help You Master Tough Subjects

Author: Mr. Oleg Magnes Recently I wrote a little article about memory tricks that could be helpful for learning languages. Today I want to continue the topic of studies and share with you some key points and concepts from the Coursera course about learning. This is the 4-weeks course by Dr. Barbara Oakley and Dr. Terrence

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Thoughts on KAIST Promotion

Author: Mr. Dipanjan Ray I think KAIST should appoint some students who can promote and advertise a bit more about KAIST in some countries. From my personal experience I can easily say that a lot of students still don’t know about KAIST in a lot of foreign countries. At least, in India and Australia, I can

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Author: Mr. Wajahat Tahir Success is half achieved when one starts believing that it is possible to achieve it. When one keeps on reminding himself that he can do something, even if he lacks the skills initially, he will surely acquire them one day to achieve his aims. One the other hand, if one keeps thinking

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